Governors 2016

Governors 2016

Dr Paul Kirtley, Chair of Governors

Mr Chris Hall

Mr Chris Butler

Miss Jenny Richardson

Mr Jan Bladen

Ms Micky Swindale

Mrs Steph Walker

Mr Derek Cantrell

Mrs Catherine Jamieson

Associate Governors

Mr Ian Small

Mr Nick Wilford


Headmaster - Mr Matthew Boud-Self

Head of Operations - Mr Richard Mayfield

Auditor - Nick Gale, Bourne & Co

Secretary & Solicitor - Mr Andrew Gill

Members of the Abbotsholme Council

The Articles of Association (that is to say the Company’s Constitution) which details the objectives for which Abbotsholme School was founded, require a Council of Members. This Council includes serving Governor Members as well as Ordinary Members, in total currently numbering about thirty. Ordinary Members are recruited from people closely connected in varying ways with the school.

An Annual General Meeting of the Council is held to propose, discuss and approve or otherwise the School’s previous year’s financial accounts, to re-appoint or approve the appointment of Governors, and to receive reports from the Chair of Governors, the Headmaster, the Abbotsholmians’ Club and the Abbotsholme Parents’ Association.

The President of the Council as an Ordinary Member may attend Governors’ meetings as an observer in order to keep Ordinary Members up to date with current matters.

The role of Ordinary Members of the Council may be somewhat compared to that of shareholders in an ordinary company, but without any pecuniary interest, and only a concern to contribute to the success of the School.

Code letters indicating previous roles at Abbotsholme School

OA = Pupil, G = Governor, P = Parent (current or past), S = Staff

Linda Almond OA, G Karen Kirby P
Linda Burton OA, G, P, S  Tom Kirby G, P
Darrell Buttery S Adam Kirtley OA
Nick Cassidy OA Danielle Knott OA
Roger Creek P Nick McKergow OA
Lesley Cutler P Dawn Moody G, P
Nikki Fine OA Ruth Ostrovskis-Wiles OA
Tony Gomme OA Derek Sederman P, S
Robin Guy OA, P Margaret Shermer P, S
Hubertus Haniel OA Helen Wainwright S
Miles Harbot OA Mark Wells G, P
Charles Howell OA  
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