Prep School


Red Nose Day

The Pre-Prep children had a fun filled Red Nose Day, raising £70 for Comic Relief. They wore a red outfit or red nose, told jokes and performed magic tricks. The Reception and Year 1&2 children learnt the official children’s Red No...


Reception, Year 1&2 on the Farm

Reception, Year 1&2 had a wonderful afternoon bottle feeding some of the lambs. Farmer Tom helped to steady them as they were a little wriggly. The children did a superb job. Some young farmers in the making.


People who help us

Year 1/2 have been learning all about people in our community who help us.


Prep School Handwriting Workshop

The Reception class held a handwriting workshop for parents last Wednesday. The children demonstrated how they begin their handwriting journey by practising handwriting patterns in salt, sand and glitter shaving foam. Dough disco followed with won...


Being Outdoors

Being outdoors, engaging and discovering new things about the world around us not only supports and promotes all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage but also supports the holistic development of a child; nurturing their health and well...

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