Prep School


Maths is everywhere

Maths is everywhere. What better way to spend a rainy morning than exploring maths in the Dingle. The Reception pupils chose two items each and placed them in a line to count them. In two teams they sorted their items into twigs and leaves. The ne...


After School....

'The Prep School after school club hosts a variety of exciting activities for pupils in Reception to Year 2. Monday - sport, Tuesday - cooking, Wednesday - outdoor adventures, Thursday - swimming and Friday- horse riding and farm activities. ...


Red Nose Day

The Pre-Prep children had a fun filled Red Nose Day, raising £70 for Comic Relief. They wore a red outfit or red nose, told jokes and performed magic tricks. The Reception and Year 1&2 children learnt the official children’s Red No...


Reception, Year 1&2 on the Farm

Reception, Year 1&2 had a wonderful afternoon bottle feeding some of the lambs. Farmer Tom helped to steady them as they were a little wriggly. The children did a superb job. Some young farmers in the making.


People who help us

Year 1/2 have been learning all about people in our community who help us.

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