Abbotsholme's Behavioural Charter

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The Abbotsholme Behaviour Charter

Pupils at Abbotsholme are allowed a degree of freedom to move about the estate as long as they follow a series of sensible guidelines.

Abbotsholme expects the conduct of its pupils to be at all times governed by common sense, follow the behavioural charter, be loyal to the good name of the School and overwhelmingly by consideration for the feelings of others.

Abbotsholme’s basic rules and guidelines are sent to parents in the Handbook for parents.

All pupils receive the Behavioural Charter and Pupil Code of Conduct in their planner.

Behaviour and Discipline

The aim of Abbotsholme School is to develop self-discipline in its pupils. It is however unrealistic to expect that most pupils will be naturally self-disciplined and to think that they will not require to be disciplined by adults on various occasions during their school careers.

The objectives which the discipline policy sets out to achieve are:

To ensure the pupils uphold the Abbotsholme Behavioural Charter. At Abbotsholme we expect the following attitudes and behaviours:

  • Honesty
  • Courage
  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Respect 
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